Demand performance, quality, and functionality

The 2014 line up of Skull Island Skiffs represent further refinement of an already incredible offering into light tackle angling watercraft. Skull Island Skiffs are designed for those anglers who demand performance, quality, and functionality. Each Skull Island Skiff is built to your exact specifications matching your angling needs. Ultra light Kevlar and Corecell construction, 100% vinlyester resins, 100% hand laid glass and composite construction- no compromises.   The heart and soul of the Skull Island 16 is agility. Our Ultra quiet hull design puts you within reach of the most elusive gamefish. The reverse chine design repels water and makes for a comfortable ride to and from the flats. Our unique pocket drive allows for a shallow drafting experience reserved for tunnel designs without the poor handling characteristics. The Skull Island 16 turns on a dime and rails through chop with ease. Poling is effortless and the shallow draft gives you access to angling spots normally reserved only for wading birds. It’s time to take your shallow water adventures to the next level- get there in a Skull Island.









Skull Island 'Prowler'

February 25

We at Skull Island are very proud to introduce the 'Prowler'. This is our lean and mean fish stalking machine. There were requests from hard core anglers for a no frills platform so here she is. Same awesome dry ride and craftsmanship throughout the skiff; huge front and rear casting decks, with storage fore and aft. Trim Tabs, LED Nav lights, Automatic bilge, and cored construction are standard. Super light and super stealth. Prowler specs: • 16’ 2” with massive bow and stern casting decks • 5” Draft (2 – 180lb anglers, 6 fly rods, 12 gallons of fuel, 30 HP Honda Tiller with electric start Trim & Tilt, cooler with drinks and Ice). • Under-deck Fuel options: Portable...Continue reading